Making Your Better, ‘Best’

what makes you feel better?, I know that there are many a times that we often feel that whatever we do is for our own betterment, what if I told you that better is not good enough, because people often expect more than you are currently doing. Either it be at home, work or school, it never is enough. ‘BEST’, yes, you heard right,as the saying goes:

“Good,Better,Best.Never let it rest.’Til your Good is Better and your Better is Best.”

Satisfying others may be difficult, because they expect more than you think. Through my personal experience I learnt that in life there is no such thing as ”the end” because we all learn something new everyday, which increases our ability from doing good to better which eventually leads us to being the best. Never think that what you do is enough because there is more opportunities ahead of you than meets the eye.

1 CORINTHIANS 12:31 (reads): But seek earnestly the best gifts:and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

Aim for your best even if the road feels long, step up to the next level, its not only for your own good but for others, because when the world see’s you doing more than your ususal routine they will want to follow you, you will feel that making your better, best was worth doing. Jesus taught us to lead by example because what ever good you do, never think of it as small, if you think that its not enough well that gives you an idea that its time for a change and change is good which helps you achieve your ‘BEST’.trophy


Community service at the hospital


I had recently finished my community service at the public hospital, it was a requirment in order to graduate from high school. It gave me the oppurtunity to ask questions to people about what they think about ‘serving’, i managed to collect some intersting opinions of what people thought about serving. There was one person in particular whose answer caught my attention(others opinions were relevant as well). She was a paitent who had came for her monthly check-up,she was a very humble person, the response she gave was when asked her opinion about serving:

” to me it means offering somebody help regardless of how tough their or your situation may be. Its a blessing to serve even if its the smallest deed in the world.”

Many people have different opinions on serving. i often think to myself that Jesus had spent his whole life serving so why can’t we be just like him and we are not perfect but;


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Helping Others Come Unto Christ

pexels-photo-296282.jpegHave you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone in the whole world knew heavenly father and Jesus Christ and appreciated  the little things God  does for us? Our purpose here on earth is to learn of Christ and invite others to learn of him. There are many things we do in our life that brings a smile on people faces. Everyday we do amazing things which god would want us to do. We as Christians have a very important role in inviting others to come unto Christ and learn the gospel of Jesus Christ. Including God in our daily activities can help people see the importance of God in our life and in the life of others. There are times when we might feel that telling others about God may seem like a ridiculous idea. But when we will all be resurrected that same friend that you hesitated to share the word of God with will turn to you and ask,” you knew god and why didn’t you tell me”? Inviting our friends to religious activities, just might ring a bell in their heads and help them realize that they need god in their life.Through my personal experience there are many other ways in which we could help people to learn of Christ, it’s not just by going to church or praying, it’s also about how we interact with our peers. The way I speak and the way I act towards other gives them a fair idea what type of person I am. when others see me the way I am they often come up with this question,”why are you so different from the others?!” when I first heard that question I felt left behind but something told me to be what I believe, and I am proud that people look up to me in that way because I know that they are learning just by looking at the way I am today. I am so grateful to have Christ in my life and I know that when others judge us the way we act towards different situations they would take me as an example and eventually they will try to seek Christ.”COME UNTO CHRIST AND BE PERFECTED IN HIM.” pexels-photo-339620.jpeg